enterprise mobility content management a generation ahead in features & security
Rock Solid Security
Remotely Wipe a Lost Device
Know exactly Who, When & Where
AES-256 & SSL
Industry Standard
Leverage Existing Enterprise
Security Configuration


  • AsdeqDocs Server is installed securely behind your firewall  and connects straight to your document repositories.
  • Your existing Active Directory / LDAP credentials, access and permissions set are federated to provide secure access.
  • Connections to devices are secured using SSL and documents are stored in an AES 256 encrypted secure container on the device.
  • The original documents always remain in its native repository with tablet devices synchronizing and encrypting it locally.
  • —Maintain complete control of open in, email  and sharing through granular document policy controls.
  • Full audit logging of every activity performed by every user, including device, document, date and location.
  • Securely integrates external users for simple sharing of documents with customers, partners and contractors.
  • —Remotely wipe the secured container of any device, allowing you to completely remove any AsdeqDocs data stored.




Extensive ECM Integration
Search Everything - Tablet or Server
Connect to Just About Anything
Securely Available,
Online or Offline
Connect right
from your


  • Seamlessly integrates with all your existing document repositories including your home drive, Exchange email, File Shares and proprietary systems like SharePoint, IBM FileNet, HP Trim (18+ in all).
  • Doesn’t change the way your company works, so you’ll never have to upload, download or copy another file into the cloud again.
  • Create document libraries and workspaces and share them with your team and external users based on your existing enterprise security permissions.
  • —Quickly search your local documents or those available through your connected document repositories.
  • Documents are stored on your tablet in a secure encrypted container so they are always available – online or offline.




Powerful App Features
Flexible Markup Tools
Access Documents Anywhere
Find it Fast
Office2 Integration


  • The iPad, iPhone and Android tablet application provides fast, secure access to all your documents including Microsoft Office, PDF, video and audio formats.
  • Always access the latest versions of your documents directly from your libraries and workspaces, whether you are online or offline.
  • We can index everything, so full text searching allows you to find the document you are looking for fast.
  • —Add new documents to your secure libraries straight from your device.




Productivity & Collaboration
Share with anyone, even external users
Create Notes on your Device
Use Documents in Other Apps
Powerful Organisation tTools


  • —Federate collections of data from multiple document repositories through libraries and share them between users or groups.
  • —Quickly create notes with text and drawing tools and share them securely between libraries or workspaces.
  • —Annotate documents with mark ups, notes, highlights, bookmarks and drawings for quick reference.
  • Secure document editing (with supporting app purchase) allows users to fully edit documents straight from their device.
  • —Organize documents with personal workspaces, pinboards and favorites.




Easy Administration
Add Users & Groups from your Enterprise Directory
Centrally Control Everything
Installs Quickly behind your Firewall


  • —Rapid Implementation – most clients are up and running in less than a day.
  • —Replicates your existing corporate permissions so you don’t need to change a thing to add new users.
  • Quickly access —the full audit trail of any users activity by report or map view.
  • —Invite external users and control their permissions and usage.
  • Remote wipe can be activated by —either the device owner themselves or the administrator.
  • —Plug and play new document repositories simply by creating new channels in the web admin interface.




Mobile Workforce
Work Worldwide
Get the Right Docs
to the Right People,Fast
One Solution for Everyone

AsdeqDocs is designed with the sole purpose of empowering your mobile workforce. Here are just a few examples of how AsdeqDocs can work for you:

  • The Board – Don’t wait for monthly meetings to update the board – keep them constantly informed with the latest reports from every department.
  • Sales Manager – Give your whole sales team the tools they need to accurately present, quote and close sales wherever they are.
  • HR Manager – Ensure every staff member has the latest version of your HR policy (and even check if they’ve read it).
  • IT Manager – Deliver the BYOD solution staff have been asking for, while keeping a close eye on who’s accessing what and instantly address any security breaches.
  • Marketing Manager – Ensure you are delivering a consistent message by keeping your team, partners and resellers up to date with all the latest communications, collateral and promotions.
  • Support Manager – Always give customers the right answer, whether you are talking to them online, in-store or in their homes.


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